Target group

“The challenge of it all, at the beginning, is that you can’t predict the results. So there’s a certain amount of sort of going on faith and trust, that something is going to happen, that something will be beneficial.” Marian Goodman

Spinwaves Lab is intended for change agents in the built environment. This is for you if you:

  • Work in a construction or installation company, governmental party and educational institution.
  • Have a managerial or executive role.
  • Are a start-up or an advanced entrepreneur.
  • Are an active citizen who is working to create neighbourhood sustainability.
  • Are a student who wants to get started in the domain of sustainable construction.
  • Prefer not to call yourself a pioneer but would like to explore what sustainability can bring you. 

The starting point is that you are working, or plan to work on the challenge of sustainability in the built environment. If you are a biologist with a concept for sustainable building, you are therefore also very welcome. You can join individually, but also with a colleague, partner or team, to generate more impact together.

Are you hesitating because you are already so busy? Then participation is worth considering. Spinwaves Lab supports you in dealing with yourself in a more sustainable way by being more effective as an innovator (and in return having more peace of mind).

What does participation require from you?

Involvement Spinwaves Lab offers you the opportunity to achieve real breakthroughs. This requires your involvement in Spinwaves Lab, both to take steps in your own practice between meetings and to be present during the meetings to learn and recharge your batteries.

Openness We ask you for your willingness to collaborate and to open up your own network to others when it helps. You are willing to do some self-examination, to look at the system with new eyes and you have a genuine curiosity for others.

Register You can register for Spinwaves Lab 2023 via the registration form.