About us

Spinwaves Lab offers the opportunity to bring together different, often long-standing, collaborations. The team weaves together complementary disciplines, experiences and networks to support you in your development. Spinwaves Lab thus offers a unique platform. 

"Co-founder & faculty Spinwaves Lab, since 2015 active in construction as an entrepreneur driven by the question 'how can the sector contribute to making the Netherlands more sustainable?' Founder of Spinwaves where Biomimicry is applied to complex issues."

Serena Scholte

Co-founder & faculty Spinwaves Lab

"Co-founder & faculty Spinwaves Lab, since 2015 connected to Presencing Institute from where she started among others the lab 'For the Harvest of Tomorrow'. Since 2019 programme manager at Berkana Institute. Professional hobby farmer, beekeeper and equine assisted coach."

Simoon Fransen

Co-founder & faculty Spinwaves Lab

"Nuala is an experienced facilitator in Theory U. Her expertise lies in 'graphic recording' of the meetings, which is particularly suitable for both the process flow of innovation labs and capturing the outcomes in a Biomimicry Hackathon."

Nuala Burns

Co-facilitator & 'graphic recorder'

"Rinske is an experienced technical manager at the City of Amsterdam. She followed the track Baanbrekers in de Bouw in 2016 and since then has increasingly committed herself to innovative projects with a high sustainability character."

Rinske van Schooneveld


"Biomimicry architect. She has an extensive portfolio of projects, from housing to infrastructure projects, in which Biomimicry principles have been applied."

Lydia Fraaije

Facilitator & Speaker

"Marian leads programmes and capacity building for Presencing Institute, and works closely with Otto Scharmer in designing and delivering training programmes and innovation labs around the world."

- Marian Goodman

Presencing Institute

"Otto, co-developer of the U process as a change model, is Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. He chairs the MIT IDEAS programme for cross-sector innovations."

Otto Scharmer

Presencing Institute

"Where personal & organizational change and communication come together, Gertjan is like a fish in the water. He was a.o. involved in the innovation lab For the Harvest of Tomorrow . In addition, he is a coach and an authorized Zen teacher."

Gertjan Mulder

Strategic Communications & Co-facilitator

"Sanne is an experienced social media consultant & impact creative. Her passion for social impact and sustainable development ensure that many of her digital communication projects lie within this sector."

Sanne Collée

Website & Social Media